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About Us

of consumers identify the quality of service they receive as an important driver of loyalty*

*Institute of Customer Service study surveying 1,000 consumers

At Customer First Solutions we are passionate about helping you get the most from your feedback.

We don’t just deliver the solution and leave, we work alongside you, supporting you to deliver demonstrable improvements following your results. Whether it be a one off questionnaire or regular daily feedback, we are always here to guide and support you.

Established in 2002, CFS has a long pedigree of clients from small independent businesses to global blue chip businesses and public sector organisations.
We pride ourselves on being a technologically agile and customer service orientated business; providing operational information to enable businesses to improve their customer and employee experience.

At CFS we believe that collecting and analysing customer and employee feedback is important, but acting on it is absolutely critical. That’s why we not only provide hardware and software solutions, we also offer tailored support services so you can turn the information you collect into action.

Our ultimate aim is to help you to improve your customer and employee experience and operational efficiency.
By choosing CFS as your strategic programme partner, you will benefit from a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution that will add value to your business.

Tailored Solutions

We firstly understand your business and operational needs and then adapt our products and services accordingly to deliver a tailored integrated solution. Your unique requirements are always central to the solutions we provide.

Our total integrated solution consists of three main elements:

Data capture tools

We offer a choice of portable handheld devices, kiosks and web survey tools that enable fast, agile and flexible real time data collection.

Analysis & action planning tools

Our web reporting, analysis and action planning tools (Performance Management Centre) enables you to instantly access the data online, make decisions and take effective action.

Support services

We will design a support programme to give you all the training, help and assistance you need, including your own dedicated Account Manager and helpdesk.