In December 2011, CFS in association with Argos was shortlisted for the Customer Feedback Strategy Award in the Institute of Customer Service UK Customer Satisfaction Awards 2011. The finalist will be announced in March.


Since 2008, Customer Focus Solutions (CFS) has been working with Argos, part of Home Retail Group, to help the company realise a vision to achieve excellence in customer-focused delivery, placing the consumer at the centre of business.

CFS was commissioned by Argos to help develop a strategy to help them revolutionise the way the company captured customer experience data.

To achieve this goal, a personalised CFS BuzzBox was placed at the collection counter of every UK store. It is programed to ask five simple bespoke questions to measure customer satisfaction and takes on average 15-20 seconds to complete.

To complement the in-house data capture tool, CFS created a unique online feedback system, Tell Argos, which gives customers the opportunity to voice their opinions of their Argos retail experiences beyond the stores themselves. Tell Argos offers greater flexibility for customers to give feedback about the service they received in store from the comfort of their own home in their own time.

As a direct result of Argos’ partnership with CFS, customer feedback has increased significantly, allowing Argos to make real changes to the business with 2,000 customers responding via Tell Argos and 200,000 customers answering the questions on the in store BuzzBoxes every week.

A separate data analysis tool for store managers aids initial understanding of customer feedback.

Institute of Customer Service Award

Each manager receives the feedback from the previous day and uses this to make informed changes to the running of their store, continually improving the service offered to customers.

Feedback can even be tracked down to the hour. So, if customers are not satisfied, the manager can use the data to pinpoint problems in the store at a certain period and understand what might have caused dissatisfaction, such as staff shortages.

CFS understand the more responses Argos gather, the bigger chance they have of understanding customer satisfaction levels and how they can improve them; CFS work continuously with Argos to increase levels of customer feedback.

Front of House Manager for Store Operations, at Argos, Rob Hiden, said:

“CFS has played a key part in helping staff understand the importance of collecting feedback, and their team continues to work closely with store managers to see how this should be utilised. The reporting system has been adapted to make it accessible for the management teams and they understand that every store is different, and that the customer base of those stores is unique”