“Now more than ever I have a clearer understanding of children’s experiences on Rainbow Ward”

Patient & Public Involvement Officer Sue Mahadooa, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

Patient Focus has played an important role in identifying potential improvements to quality of care using our smart device, WardPro.

At North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, the children’s ward team was keen to work with us to understand more about their patients’ experiences as part of their QIPP initiative.

Identifying the problem, finding a solution

North Middlesex Hospital approached the Patient Focus team looking to improve engagement with children and adults by collecting data on patient experience. Having understood the specific requirements of Rainbow Ward, Patient Focus suggested the easy-to-use handheld tool, WardPro, as a practical way to adapt to the environment of the children’s ward.

Tailoring to your needs

WardPro was easily adapted for the needs of Rainbow Ward through the use of child friendly illustrations to brighten the background of the handheld device.

In addition to images, the touchscreen smart device was modified to ask all questions in audio, enabling each experience of using the handset to be fun and interactive.

Patient Focus programmed the WardPro to initially identify whether the respondent is a child or an adult. If a child, the questions ask children how they were welcomed to the ward, how well their pain was managed, and how often they felt listened to.

Download the full pdf case study here.