CFS Buzzbox

A quick and easy to use survey tool for gathering both customer and employee feedback.


The Buzz Box is a quick and easy to use survey tool for gathering both customer and employee feedback. It can be set up to measure a targeted range of topics that give you a valuable insight into key areas of your business, such as customer satisfaction, staff sales effectiveness and employee engagement. The Buzz Box provides the essential frontline information you need to help you improve your service levels and operational efficiency.

Targeted insight

“The service from CFS has been fantastic, I could not have asked for better.”

Robbie Harris, Head of Fun, Virgin Media

Quick Surveys

The Buzz Box asks five simple closed questions with up to five answers per question, so it only takes about 20 seconds to complete the survey. This makes the Buzz Box ideal for getting customer feedback during the down time in a transaction, normally at the point of payment, customer service area or front of house reception.

Targeted insight

The five question format allows you to focus on a specific number of key areas at any one time. All answers are date, time and location stamped, enabling you to identify where and when issues occur and then investigate what the causes are.

A close up of the interface

Flexible location and positioning

Depending on your requirements, the Buzz Box can be used in a fixed location charged at the mains or as a portable battery powered handheld device (with 48 hours battery life).

Easy to set up

It’s simply plug and play; no IT support is needed.

Regular data transfer

The Buzz Box contains a modem and SIM card to enable GPRS data transfer using the mobile phone network. Feedback data is scheduled to upload regularly and is available by the following working day or even sooner, depending on your requirements.