CFS Kiosk

A permanent, high profile survey, data collection and marketing communication tool.


Helping you improve your operations and service levels

Our touch screen kiosks offer a permanent, high profile survey, data collection and marketing communication tool. Capable of conducting multi-language surveys, kiosks enable you to gather comprehensive in-depth customer feedback from a wide audience. We can design a variety of detailed, interactive surveys, customised to your requirements, as well as analysis and support. Kiosks give you with the essential frontline information you need to help you improve your service levels and operational efficiency.

Features and Benefits

In-depth surveys and paperless data capture:

The kiosks can store a variety of detailed, interactive surveys with multiple questions that can be set to run on different schedules. This makes it ideal for conducting in depth investigations. All answers are date and time stamped, providing a rich set of unique data tailored to each individual. It enables you to instantly capture data without using paper-based application forms, making it quicker, more efficient and cost-effective.

High profile and secure:

Our kiosks offer a high profile permanent fixed solution, ideal for heavy traffic areas with a frequent footfall. Made from robust steel, they are very heavy and extremely secure.

Choice of kiosks and screens:

Kiosks are remote stand alone units that collect feedback without using staff, saving manpower costs.

Flexible data transfer:

Kiosks can transfer data in one of the three ways, using LAN (connected to the wall like your PC), Wi-Fi or GSM (Mobile phone network). Feedback data is scheduled to upload regularly and can be immediately accessed through the Performance Management Centre after upload.

Our dedicated personalised support service:

We focus on ensuring that you not only collect information, but also use it to improve your operations and profitability. To help you do this, we can assign a dedicated team to work with you and build a support package tailored specifically to your needs. Our personalised services include staff training, management support, in-depth data analysis and regular reporting.