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Tablet App


The CFS Prism application is a sophisticated app that allows you to ask any question in many different ways and get the answers quickly and easily. Prism is capable of conducting surveys in any location; fixed or portable, in multiple languages and, most importantly, to any customer.

We will work with you to ensure that the surveys are designed in a way that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations and provide an output that is easy to understand and act upon.

Features and Benefits

In-depth surveys and paperless data capture:

By using a tablet to collect your feedback you instantly have the ability to create any number of surveys about your business, whether they be short, simple surveys or more detailed research projects. All of your surveys can be available whenever you want to use them, giving you unlimited flexibility. Prism also gives you the ability to ask both static questions with a pre-defined set of answer options answers and free text comment style questions where the answer is defined by your customer in a comment. This combination of measurable answers and real life experience comments is very powerful for any business and imperative in order to make impactful improvements.

High profile and secure:

The Prism application can currently be used on any tablet with a compatible operating system. So, whether it be the highly coveted iPad or a Windows based tablet we will make it look and feel amazing for your customers.

Watch this space for iPhone and Android apps in the coming months too.

Easy to set up:

Prism is simply downloaded from the App Store (for iPad) or loaded onto your chosen device (for Windows Devices), enter your activation code and you are ready to go.

Regular data transfer:

Prism will transmit your data to CFS servers by using the mobile phone network (GPRS) or Wi-Fi (where available). Feedback data is scheduled to upload regularly and is available by the following working day or even sooner, depending on your requirements.

Multiple Uses:

By investing in a tablet to gather feedback from your customers you are also purchasing a tool that in many cases can give you many wider business benefits.  With Prism in mind, once you have transmitted your data to CFS, you can use your tablet to access your reports immediately.  The ability to view your data so quickly means that you can take action straight away with no delays, even if you are not near to your standard PC.

Our dedicated personalised support service:

We focus on ensuring that you not only collect information, but also use it to improve your operations and profitability. To help you do this, we can assign a dedicated team to work with you and build a support package tailored specifically to your needs. Our personalised services include staff training, management support, in-depth data analysis and regular reporting, depending on the package selected.