CFS Smartbox

Helping you improve your operations and service levels


The SmartBox is a sophisticated, touch screen survey, data capture and reporting tool. Its internal computer can easily be set up to perform multiple functions, from comprehensive in-depth tactical customer feedback or market research to company audits and remote meal ordering, giving you fantastic value for your investment. The SmartBox supplies you with the essential frontline information you need to help you improve your service levels and operational efficiency.

Features and Benefits

In-depth surveys and paperless data capture:

The versatile SmartBox can store a variety of detailed, interactive surveys with multiple questions that can be set to run on different schedules. All answers are date, time and location stamped, providing a rich set of unique data tailored to each individual. It enables you to instantly capture data without using paper-based application forms, making it quicker, more efficient and cost-effective. This makes it ideal for conducting in depth investigations and exit interviews without market research staffing costs.

A flexible, easy-to-setup device

Flexible location and positioning

Depending on your requirements, the SmartBox can be used as a battery powered portable handheld device or in a fixed location charged at the mains.

Easy to set up:

It’s simply plug and play, no IT support is needed.

Regular data transfer:

The SmartBox contains a modem and SIM card to enable GPRS data transfer using the mobile phone network. Feedback data can be uploaded in real time, in batches or on demand and immediately accessed through the Performance Management Centre after upload.

Targeted communication and marketing channel:

Even when not in use as a survey tool, the SmartBox is still working for you. It displays slide shows that can be remotely updated according to requirements, enabling you to speak directly to your audience through a targeted communication and marketing channel. This offers a unique opportunity to communicate a variety of news and messages, such as improvements to your services, special offers and new products.

Our dedicated personalised support service:

We focus on ensuring that you not only collect information, but also use it to improve your operations and profitability. To help you do this, we can assign a dedicated team to work with you and build a support package tailored specifically to your needs. Our personalised services include staff training, management support, in-depth data analysis and regular reporting.