Web Surveys

CFS Web Survey

Helping you improve your operations and service levels


Our web survey tools allow you to gather comprehensive in-depth customer feedback. Providing a rich set of data, web surveys offer an opportunity to collect more free form text comments and qualified information. We can design a variety of detailed, interactive surveys, customised to your requirements, as well as analysis and support. Web survey tools give you the essential frontline information you need to help you improve your service levels and operational efficiency.

Features and benefits

Higher completion rates:

Our web survey tools enable customers to complete online surveys on their PC at a convenient time and in private. This often results in a higher completion rate compared to traditional methods.

More efficient and cost-effective

There are several advantages to using our web survey tool rather than paper-based surveys. There’s no danger of losing forms and no need to invest time and money in data capture, processing and staffing – you get all the information instantly online.

No hardware or IT investment needed

There’s no need to invest in a network of in-store data capture hardware, thus making it less expensive to set up and deploy.

Flexible URL promotion

Customers can be driven to the web survey tool using one of three different approaches:

  1. Destination URL: Customers are usually given the URL on a till slip, delivery note, business card or via SMS and offered an incentive to complete the survey.
  2. Email survey: Each customer is sent an email requesting feedback with a link to the online survey. Follow up emails can be set up for non-respondents.
  3. Embedded survey: A link to the online survey is embedded within your website.

Customer rescue service

We not only provide data, we also help you to use it through our customer rescue service, which offers comments and contact details enabling you to take action and turn unhappy customers into loyal ones.

Our dedicated personalised support service

We focus on ensuring that you not only collect information, but also use it to improve your operations and profitability. To help you do this, we can assign a dedicated team to work with you and build a support package tailored specifically to your needs. Our personalised services include staff training, management support, in-depth data analysis and regular reporting.


  • Totally flexible and customisable
  • Fully branded to your specific requirements
  • Can be as simple or complex as you require
  • Conditional questions capability
  • Fully managed system, no internal IT requirements for setup or maintenance
  • Data transferred immediately
  • Cost effective approach
  • Multi-language capability